Apart from incubating and investing in young technology driven businesses from its own funds, Interface
Ventures offers the following services to its client partners

Fund Raising in both the private
and public domains

Digital Transformation

Collections and Debt Recovery

Strategic & Business Finance
Advisory – New Product
Development, Corporate
Governance, Operations & People
Management, etc.

Legal Advice for Corporate
Matters and Crisis Management

Marketing, Brand Building &
Public Relations

We exist to answer the following questions

As the Founder of your company are you wondering which CXO you need to be, or are missing
today? Let us step in as the missing “X factor” of your business.

Is it sometimes impossible to figure out who would be the best person (internal or external) to
discuss strategies, new launches or even daily business problems with?

Wonder how everyone else in the fraternity is raising capital at unbelievable valuations?

How do you find the best talent and build a method to the madness?

You know digital media, technology, analytics are inevitable tools of the future trade but not
sure where or how to start?

The art of crisis management – Latin or Greek?

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